// Origin: Auburn, California

// Genres: Fingerstyle, Modern Acoustic

// Years Active: 2012 - Present

// Label: Independent Artist

// Website: Https://forestbaileymusic.com

// Endorsements:

Stonebridge/Furch Guitars

Elite Acoustics Amplifiers

John Pearse Strings

Rattlesnake Cable Company


Early into his artistic development, Mr. Bailey was noticed for his eagerness to learn and master the guitar. This was rewarded by a benefactor Mary-Lou Chayes who paid for three years of private lessons, which he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. Although initially enamored by classic rock and heavy metal in his teenage years, Forest traded cranked up half stacks and over-driven guitars for solo acoustic guitar in 2015. Upon discovering his new passion for the nuances that a steel string acoustic guitar can create, he quickly found the home for his compositions. His unorthodox style of playing, which consists of using the body for percussion and strings for bass and melody all at once, has led him to maintaining over 150 concerts a year and performing nationally, from California to North Carolina. Following suit of his heroes Michael Hedges, Andy Mckee and Jon Gomm, He is now a nomadic musician, captivating audiences and sharing joy with everyone he encounters. Most Recently, Forest has developed his technique on the Harp Guitar, an instrument comprised of a standard guitar and six extra sub-bass strings. This was gifted to him by Jorge Rosales who saw his passion for the instrument. Forest has been invited to perform on television on Good Day San Antonio, Texas as well as music conventions such as The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.