The Educator

Forest has been teaching all styles of music professinally since 2012. While his lessons are custom tailored to each student, he addresses topics such as Technique, Music Theory, Ear Training, Notation, Performance and Composition. Encouragement being the primary focus of his lesson plans, Forest is confident that he can help you reach any level of playing you wish to achieve!  He is available for Skype lessons at the rate of $60/hr, booking subject to availability.

“I've learned so much in the past months, and if you weren't there to keep me going, I probably would have quit guitar out of lack of motivation.” -Aiden, Student of 10 months

"Forest's enthusiasm and passion for teaching has constantly challenged me and kept me motivated to improve as a musician and practice consistently. If I wasn't working with him each week, I'd be nowhere close to where I am today." - Brian, Student of 2 years


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