A noteworthy solo performer will always give you pause, no matter what they are doing. The kind of pause that sticks your feet to the ground, and transfixes your gaze. You don’t always know when it’ll happen, but when it does its completely unforgettable. That’s what you get when you see Forest Bailey play live. Armed with one of his various acoustic guitars, he crafts a unique combination of fingerstyle and percussive playing that is all his own. Drawing from various influences like Michael Hedges, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, and The Beatles, each song is a musical journey that further shows what two hands and an acoustic guitar can accomplish. Within each song, the musical moments he sets up make your heart a little warmer, tickle your eardrums, and invite you to groove right along with Forest. He underscores these sonic adventures with a stage presence that exudes every ounce of passion he has for his craft. The smile on his face never fades away, and neither will yours. Be sure to check his upcoming album, “Let the Clouds Pass”, which is now available!

Forest Bailey uses an unorthodox technique that involves using the body of a steel string acoustic to create melody, bass, and percussion all at once. This “percussive fingerstyle” technique draws out the full range of an acoustic guitar’s sonic possibilities. Forest has entertained across the United States in venues such as Coffee Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Isis Music Hall in Asheville, North Carolina. Good Day San Antonio television show. State Theater in Auburn, California. Portland Saturday Market in Portland Oregon, Winter NAMM Show, 89.5 KVMR Nevada City Radio, weddings as well as countless wineries, breweries and restaurants. He has toured with Canadian guitarist Adam Crossman, Colombian guitarist Oscar Mendez, and performed along side other fingerstyle players such as Adrian Bellue, Andrew Gorny, Kat Gruvs, Van Larkins, Christie Lenee and Mark Kroos. You can find Forest on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

In October of 2018, Forest embarked on his first national tour, from Auburn California to Asheville North Carolina. The beginning of a nomadic lifestyle, you can follow his journey on Instagram, and YouTube.

"Midnight Picnic Near the Ocean" Sometimes you have to say goodbye, this song was written in memoria of one specific beautiful evening, in an otherwise chaotic but valuable chapter of my life. I hope you find rest and comfort in the notes and spaces.